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New Features

  • Explore New Zones

    Fight your way through dozens of new quests in dynamic locales as you attempt to repel the greatest threat that Perfect World has ever known! Experience engaging new storylines and never-before-seen instance mechanics as you take on spectacular bosses in the exhilarating pursuit of the latest, greatest gear.

  • Attain New Gear

    Witness the introduction of several fearsome new gear sets as well as the addition of two newly-devised equipment attributes built around boosting PvE effectiveness.

  • Join an Order

    Ally yourself with one of three ideologically distinct Orders, but choose wisely; your selection will not only reveal your heart's intentions, but determine the elite training and gear you'll be working toward.

  • Master New Class Skills

    Want to start dealing major damage as a Cleric? Does your Archer feel a bit too...visible? Game-changing new high-end abilities have been created for all classes, and many existing abilities have been tweaked for balancing purposes. Hope you're ready to learn new tactics and strategies!