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The Palace of Nirvana

The Palace of Nirvana is an ancient Tideborn prison. It was said to be the former royal palace of Tideborn. However, in recent time, the prison has become overrun by the undead. Since then, the Palace of Nirvana has become a forbidden place for Tideborns. Recently, a mysterious old man has appeared and professes to have a method to defeat the undead army. He beckons for all heroes and warriors throughout the Perfect World to enter the Palace of Nirvana. The old man claims that if any hero can pass the trials of nirvana, the secrets of the undead can be unlocked along with great artifacts of power.

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Palace of Nirvana view #3 #2

Palace of Nirvana view #3 #3

City of Raging Tides

The capital of the Tideborns is truly a wonder to behold. The style of the city's structures is largely based on the ocean. Fish bone chairs, wave vinyl walls, and scallop tiles cover the city from top to bottom. These elements although subtle, are deeply grained within Tideborn culture. The sharp dagger-like corners of building represent the weapons of the people, and subtly emphasize their war torn history.

Bloody Pond

Iron Tower